Copenhagen – Day 1 Part 2 –

The next half of the day in Copenhagen was also busy. I guess that is what happens when you want to see as much as possible in only three days! On the last… Continue reading

Copenhagen – Day 1, Part 1 –

Last month I went to Copenhagen for the first time, and it was as amazing as I expected it to be. Beautiful scenery, very nice people, delicious food, tons of bikes everywhere, great… Continue reading

Banana Leaf – Glasgow –

First of all, I have never been to Malaysia. Second, a have a good friend who is from Malaysia and she is the one who recommended this restaurant to me, so I trust… Continue reading

Let´s Do It Friday! Ted Talks motivational video

The main purpose of this blog is to talk about travel, food, hotels… But I also felt like including something different at least one day a week. And I found a topic that,… Continue reading

Some apps for travellers

Do you remember life before mobile phones and internet? Me neither. Main problem when travelling abroad is the high price to pay to have 3G. And going back and forth to the hotel… Continue reading

A Play, a Pint and a Pie – Glasgow –

The building where Oran Mor is located used to be a church, easy to see from the outside as the building hasn´t changed during the decades. But inside one can find almost anything… Continue reading

Abandoned New York

Today when I was coming home on the train I saw a huge teddy bear in the middle of a field. It was dirty, broken, abandoned… And that made me think about one… Continue reading

Urban Angel – Edinburgh –

Yesterday I went for lunch to one of my favourite places in Edinburgh, Urban Angel. There are two of these restaurants, one in Hannover Street and the other in Forth Street, both right… Continue reading

Espa at the Balmoral Hotel – Edinburgh –

After a lot of stress during the last months, city pollution, weather changes and not been eating properly, I stated noticing that my skin was getting dull and lifeless. I tried different moisturisers,… Continue reading

Blog Challenge

Today I am starting the Ultimate Blog Challenge, which means during one month I will be posting daily on the blog. I was meant to start on Tuesday but due to work commitments… Continue reading