Loch Lomond – Scotland –

Loch Lomond, only over 30 minutes from Glasgow by car, is one of those places that can make you feel better. Away from the city, surrounded by nature and a beautiful scenery, it… Continue reading

Cup Tea Lounge, the Best Afternoon Tea in Glasgow?

I am really excited to finally dedicating a post to Cup Tea Lounge, as it is one of my favourite places for lunch, cupcakes and afternoon tea in Glasgow! I have been several… Continue reading

Wish List: Top 5 Destinations

Today I bring you my wish list, with five destinations I would love to visit soon. Each destination has something unique, but the common link to all five of them are the rare… Continue reading

Just Do It Friday: Steve Jobs

Probably some of you have heard of, or even seen this video before. For me it is one of the most amazing motivational speeches I have ever heard, and never get tired of… Continue reading

Copenhagen – End –

Unfortunately every holiday has an end and today´s post was about my last day in Copenhagen. I loved the city, the people, the food, the atmosphere… I loved everything about Copenhagen and it… Continue reading

Copenhagen – Day 2 –

After our morning in Malmö we headed back to Copenhagen and the first stop was Lagkagehuset, a popular bakery where you can find nice big sandwiches, pastries and good coffee. Then we spent… Continue reading

A Morning in Malmö, Sweden

When we went to Copenhagen one idea was clear, we were going to cross the bridge and go to Malmö, at least for a few hours. As probably some of you have guessed,… Continue reading

Let´s Do It Friday: Run 5K

I have never run before, just in high school and every single time I struggled to run for more than 50 metres. But in January I decided I would like to try and… Continue reading

Traveling Thanks to Literature – Gabriel García Márquez –

I count myself as a very blessed person, as I had the luck to have one of the best literature teachers (probably in the world!). He taught me to let my imagination flow… Continue reading

The Best Fish Restaurant in Copenhagen: Fiskebaren / Fiskebar

Fiskebar is one of the best restaurants I have ever eaten in. It has it all, a cool and trendy atmosphere; without being over the top, with people enjoying a glass of good… Continue reading