The Shore – Edinburgh –

The Shore is the new trendy neighbourhood in Edinburgh. It is full of pubs, restaurants, cafes and little shops, not far from the city centre but it offers a much more relaxing atmosphere.… Continue reading

Barcelona has Gaudí, beat that!

That Barcelona is a beautiful city full of good restaurants, nice beaches, and amazing shopping we all know. But what makes Barcelona special is Gaudí. Without Gaudí Barcelona wouldn´t be Barcelona, no wonder… Continue reading

A Stroll in Sarajevo

Around five years ago I decided to change my life in quite a drastic way. Found a job, packed my stuff, and a month later I was in my new city: Sarajevo. Did… Continue reading

Be Healthy, Be Happy

I started this post moaning about Scotland and the amount of bad food you can find here. But then I decided to delete it as those are only excuses. It is me deciding… Continue reading

Oviedo, a Fairy tale city in the North of Spain

It wasn´t me who said Oviedo is a fairy tale city, but I totally agree with it and I will show you why. When somebody like Woody Allen says that about the city… Continue reading

Kelvingrove Cafe – Glasgow –

The Kelvingrove Cafe is a totally unexpected venue in Glasgow. It is in the upcoming area of Finnieston, which has been reinventing itself in the last few years. With many new and different… Continue reading

Sundays in Glasgow´s West End

In Scotland you have to take advantage of those rare days when the rain doesn´t make an appearance, and that is exactly what we did last Sunday. We spent the day in the… Continue reading

Glasgow, City of Contradictions

Glasgow is one of this odd cities, where opposites meet time and time again. It has some of the best architecture in Scotland, and some of the ugliest buildings you´ve ever seen. People… Continue reading

5 Interesting Findings in Edinburgh´s West End

Edinburgh is a mysterious city, a bit ghostly at times. In winter, when the clouds are low and the fog gets in town, the sights are wonderful, you feel you are in a… Continue reading

The Forgotten North of Spain: Covadonga, Asturias

Today I would like to talk about the beautiful and forgotten North of Spain, regions that no foreigners believe can be found in a country like Spain. I show you ages ago some… Continue reading