Review: Brel, Glasgow

Brel is a corky restaurant and pub where to find good food and drinks. They stock a good deal of beers, many of them from Belgium (my favourites), spirits and make pretty good cocktails. For those reasons and because it always has a great atmosphere, Brel is one of the most popular places in Glasgow.


Located in the famous Ashton Lane, in Glasgow’s West End and not far from the University of Glasgow, Brel can be the perfect stop for a drink or some food. It also has a garden with tables, to enjoy those days of sunshine and warm nights.

Last time I was there was for a quick lunch while shopping. I had a haloumi burger, which was delicious. My bf had a Brel burger and his mum macaroni and cheese. We ended up really full, but ate it all nevertheless. Because the food was so abundant and because we had lots of things to do we didn’t have any dessert but they looked amazing!




Service: 8

Food: 9

Location: 10

I hope you enjoyed this post and see you next time 🙂