Reindeer in Scotland

Scotland is a beautiful country full of amazing things to see and do. To me nature its one of the most impressive ones, and it keeps amazing me. The Highlands are one of those extra special places where you must go at least once in your lifetime. And it is there, in the Highlands, where you can find the most astonishing nature: big old trees that change colours with the seasons, great lochs (lakes) surrounded by brown and orange hills, and animals, from foxes and red squirrels to otters, deer and yes, reindeer.




The reindeer is a species that was native to the UK, but for several reasons it ended up disappearing. In 1952, a couple of Swedish reindeer lovers decided it was time to re-introduce these beautiful animals to Scotland and they brought a few of their reindeers to the Cairngorm National Park in the Scottish Highlands (to learn more about this great story visit Cairngorm Reindeer by clicking the link).

Now, the reindeer are a free herd and they sometimes make special appearances in the surrounding areas.


This image was taken from Cairngorm Funicular and the quality (as you can see) is not great

It is a wonderful place to spend the days, just be aware that a bit of walking on difficult surfaces is necessary to access the area were the reindeer are, so check with them before booking to make the most of the experience.

Once at the top, the guide explains more about the story of how this species were re-introduced in Scotland, as well as talking about the animals and their main characteristics and behaviours. Depending on the time of the year when you go, you may see very young calves, some of them being still bottle fed.

It is a great experience that I would recommend to all of those animal and nature lovers out there. Plus seeing how the reindeer are not held captive but can roam around free is a wonderful feeling. You may ask why if the have that freedom they decide to stay close to where the visitors go to. Well, in just one word: food. They know they are being feed on a regular basis and they take advantage of that. But as I said before there are some that decide to go and start a brand new life by themselves.

To find out more check their website out! 

And here are some photos of the day we spent amongst these beautiful and noble animals. I hope you enjoy them!

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