It’s been a while!

Oh wow, I wasn’t expecting to be gone for so long but I’m back and (hopefully) stronger than ever! I am planing on some changes for the blog, probably a change of platform and design. I have missed it, I have missed writing about things that I like, such as travelling, food, drinks, restaurants, museums…

I have been through some changes in these last few months, I had to adapt myself to a different jobs (two in fact but that’s another story), I have started a university degree and now I’m fighting against some health issues that, truth be told, are taking the best of me.

But I love this blog, I started it with all the enthusiasm in the world and I want to continue where I left it, although as I said, an improved version of it. Due to all the changes in my life, I haven’t being able to travel as much as I like/want, but once everything goes back to normal I want to start again.

I still have lots to tell you, lots of places to show you, things to introduce to you and I want to start a few different sections that hopefully will bring everything together and make the blog a more exiting place. With the change in design I am hopeful it will represent more my personality and who I really am, as I think that, unfortunately, Blogger have fallen a bit behind and their designs are not exiting anymore.

Anyway, today I only wanted to say “Hi, I’m back” and I hope you guys come back to the blog to see all the new content šŸ™‚

Nice to “see” y’all again! (Sorry, I’m obsessed with Nashville atm!).