Isle of Skye, or the Cloud Island

The first time I went to Skye was with a group of friends when I was studying at university. As proper twenty little year old students, we thought we knew it all but we knew nothing, so we decided to visit Skye in January. Probably you remember what I said yesterday about the sun in Scotland in winter, so yeah, my first memories of the Isle of Skye are at night time.

The second memory is of a sheep in the middle of the road at (guess!) night time. My friend driving was not realising there was a sheep there, staring at the car but without moving. Three other people were shouting at him to stop the car, to be careful with the sheep. Well, the problem mainly was that he is French and we were shouting at him in Spanish, therefore he had no idea what we were saying.

Don´t worry! The car finally stopped centimetres away from the sheep, this one looked at us for a brief moment, and run away! I think sheep and car passengers were as fright as each other.

True sheep from Skye

Years later I went back to Skye, as my Scottish boyfriend had never been before (aha!). The island is beautiful, it is joint to the mainland by a quite impressive bridge, and you have to pay attention to the roundabout at the end of the bridge, otherwise you will be going round a couple of times!

In the island you can find from dinosaur fossils to, yes, sheep. Oh well, and people! Very nice people actually! In the capital, Portree you can find charming shops and little cafes, and good food! Plus one can´t get lost as it is not that big. It is tiny actually! You can find more information about the Isle of Skye here.

As you will see on the photos, the views are incredibly amazing, the mountains, cliffs, beaches are just spectacular. To me the Isle of Skye is the perfect place to enjoy a week of relax, being away from everything and everybody. Just renting a little cottage and enjoying life. The more I write about it the more I wish I could do it starting tomorrow!

I hope you like the photos!