Oban and the Seals´Island – Scotland –

First of all I don´t think the island (rock) is called Seal´s Island, I don´t even think it has a name. I just thought it was appropriate for the amount of seals we found in such a small space.

Oban is a beautiful town on the Scottish coast. It is considered the Seafood Capital of Scotland, although I didn´t know this until I saw their website (…). Oban is quite small, but has plenty of things to see and do, the one I enjoyed the most was going out on a boat to find seals! To find ideas on what to do on a day there, please check Oban´s website as it will give you plenty of ideas and information.

The best thing to do is to walk around the town, discovering charming houses and buildings and stunning views from almost any street. Another important thing is the inhabitants character, they were always very nice and helpful, even when the seagull attacked the kid in the harbour to steal his chips. I must say that the poor kid got the fight of his life and couldn´t stop crying, I still don´t know if due to the lost of this food or because he wasn´t expecting such an attack.

When you go to Oban you have to go all the way up to McCaig´s Tower. It is at the top of a hill and the views from there are fantastic! Plus you can sit down on any of the benches or the grass and unwind, it is so calm and relaxing I loved it.

Here are some photos I took during my hours there that I hope make you think about visiting such a pretty and interesting place. Oh and try the seafood too!

Spot the seal (s)! 

You may be thinking that all my photos look like there is an eternal sunset. Well yesterday´s and today´s photos were taken back in October nearly November and yes, at that time of the year the days in Scotland are incredibly short, and the sun never makes it to the top of the sky. That is why the sun is so low on all these photos!
Thank you very much for reading, I hope you like today´s post!