Skyfall or the Scottish Highlands

If you are a fan of James Bond you already know that on the last movie, Skyfall, they go to the Scottish Highlands. But what you may not know if that the Highlands are even prettier when you see them live. I mean, in the movie it looks nice, it is presented as a place where time doesn´t go by, where technology hasn´t really arrived (??) and where you can find beautiful old houses.

I personally love the Highlands. I can have some peace there, enjoying the surroundings, in a quiet and beautiful place. I like going there specially in spring and autumn (fall for my American friends!). And why is that, you might be thinking. Well, those are the two seasons when nature changes the most. In autumn the trees display amazing gold, red and brown colours, the sun is low, and the sunrise and sunset are incredible.

In spring the skies tend to be blue more often (c´mon, it is Scotland in the end…), the trees are jewel green, full of flowers, and everything around you seems to be waking up from a long sleep. I promise you, if I had the money I would buy a house there and spend weeks over there.

In this post I just want to show you some photos from my last trip to the Highlands, last October. We were lucky enough to have beautiful blue skies and it was even hot! In Skye people were just wearing t-shirts, I thought it was crazy Scottish people because, let´s tell the truth, they wear t-shirts in January when it is about to snow. But it was actually hot!

I hope you enjoy this selection and soon I will post more about the trip to the Scottish Highlands and the amazing B&B where we stayed, with views to the loch and the mountains.

I hope you liked today´s post and thank you very much for reading!