The Shore – Edinburgh –

The Shore is the new trendy neighbourhood in Edinburgh. It is full of pubs, restaurants, cafes and little shops, not far from the city centre but it offers a much more relaxing atmosphere. Some years ago all the area had a pretty bad reputation, as all Leith was considered the place where all the bad things happened.

Nowadays the Shore is a very safe area, with the prices of the properties rising by the minute, and a good range of Micheline star restaurants based there. Leith used to be the harbour of Edinburgh, and a very important one due to its whaling activity. If you walk near the water and pay attention to the buildings, you still can see some of the hooks used to lift the whales, ships or any other heavy things.

The Shore has that Nordic look to it, with old buildings painted in white and colourful windows. In fact Nyhavn in Copenhagen (see more here) reminded me a bit of the Shore in Edinburgh. For me it is just a shame about some of the new constructions, as they don´t look as good as the old bits. Although I have to say that while building below has one of the best views in town!
As I said there are three Michelin star restaurants in the area, The Kitchin, Martin Wishart and The Plumed Horse (I think this last one doesn´t hold one just now, but it used to and will again soon according to the critics).
There are also some other nice places such as Chop Chop, one of the best Chinese restaurants in (probably) Scotland, The King´s Wark (try the fish and chips, you won´t regret it), The Granary, Bond Number 9, The Ship on the Shore… To sum up, at the Shore there is a place for every taste and budget!

And of course Mimi´s. Mimi´s is amazing. They have the best cakes, cupcakes, banoffee pie and French toasts ever. Sometimes (quite a few times) we travel all the way from Glasgow to Edinburgh just to go to Mimi´s!!
One piece of advise, book in advance as it tends to be always really busy. Mimi´s has opened now a new venue away from The Shore. It is on the Royal Mile, it is smaller but the product is the same, therefore amazing!

If you are visiting Edinburgh, don´t miss this area, it is very special and different from the city centre. It has its own history, its own way of living, and it is a great place where to spend a day or at least half of it. And the best thing is that it is not full of tourists like the centre. Actually you nearly don´t see any!

Have you been to The Shore? What did you think of this area? Did you try any of the restaurants?
Thank you for reading!