Barcelona has Gaudí, beat that!

That Barcelona is a beautiful city full of good restaurants, nice beaches, and amazing shopping we all know. But what makes Barcelona special is Gaudí. Without Gaudí Barcelona wouldn´t be Barcelona, no wonder why they are so proud of having his artwork in the city!

When you see his work it is difficult to imagine it came from a person who lived at the beginning of 1900. All his work looks so modern and current, it is mesmerising. The colours, the structures, the curves and the mosaics, every single piece is beautiful on its own and a masterpiece as a whole.

When you first arrive to Park Güell you know it is going to be special just by looking at the first buildings you see. Rooftops only seeing before on Disney films, peculiar materials and amazing shapes.

Park Güell has plenty of places to sit and enjoy even a whole day there. From time to time you can hear people playing music, from Spanish guitars to violins. If the weather is as beautiful as the day I took these photos, don´t worry, you can find benches on the shade!
But a great architecture is not all Park Güell has to offer. From here you can see some of the most amazing views of the city.

And from here it is possible to spot the Sagrada Familia, the most visited monument in Spain.
The construction of the Sagrada Familia started back in 1882 and it is not finished yet. It is considered a minor basilica as there is no bishop (Catholic church hierarchy, but for buildings!) and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The queues to get in are awful, I am not going to lie. So if you want a piece of advice, buy the tickets online and pick them up from the office, much much faster! 
The basilica project keeps going thanks to donations from people from all around the world, and hopefully it will be finished by 2026 – 2030, so maybe we are lucky enough to see it complete! 

These two places are not all you can visit from Gaudí in Barcelona, but to me there are two of the most special ones. One of the good things with Gaudí is that you will recognise one of his buildings when walking along the street. The design and the style are impossible to miss.
Thank you very much for reading!