Be Healthy, Be Happy

I started this post moaning about Scotland and the amount of bad food you can find here. But then I decided to delete it as those are only excuses. It is me deciding if I want to cook something for dinner or be lazy and go to a Chinese/fish&chips/Indian…
My eating habits have changed so much since I arrived here, partly because unhealthy food is so easy and affordable. The problem is that for the last months I have noticed some changes that I don´t like, but I have also be trying to lose 5 – 6 kilos but don´t seem to be able to do it.
First of all, I am not fat. I am around 167cm (5.4 feet) tall and weight 56 kilos (8.8 stones) and I am a size 6 or 8. So you might be thinking what the problem is. Well, when I look in the mirror I don´t like what I see. I also don´t like not fitting in clothes from a couple of years ago. It really brings me down.
This is me before moving to Scotland
I have decided I have more than enough of feeling sorry for myself, or blaming things that are not to blame. We all have choices, and we can make the right ones or the wrong ones, and unless the options are very dramatic, the good news is that we learn from the wrong and start making the right.
And that is exactly what I will do. I will make the right choices. I have all my gear to go running or to use the bike at home, I can also go to the swimming pool a couple of times a week. I want to start seeing a toned body, lose that volume that I know is there, feel healthier and look healthier.

Maybe you guys know this site already, it is called Tone It Up and I think it is great! The videos are fantastic and the motivation these girls give to their followers is invaluable. Plus there is the option to register for the community for free! I started following them just after Christmas and could see results really quickly. Then I went on holidays and it all went downhill…
I will start doing those videos again. I would like to also follow their diet plan but I think 100 pounds for a diet plan is a bit too much, so I rather create my own. I will start posting here what I eat during the week and the results I am achieving
My first day, starting slowly but starting!

And this is how I look now. I will keep posting photos to see the difference!
Have any of you been trying to lose weight? What advise would you give others? Any recommendations for websites?
Thank you for reading!