Kelvingrove Cafe – Glasgow –

The Kelvingrove Cafe is a totally unexpected venue in Glasgow. It is in the upcoming area of Finnieston, which has been reinventing itself in the last few years. With many new and different businesses opening, Finnieston is the place to go for dinner, a few drinks, or shopping in one of their concept stores.

I have to say I had been planning to go for a long time, as I heard only good reviews about the place. So yesterday was the perfect time to do it.

From the outside it looks a bit like an old pub, I guess they have kept somethings from the old Kelvingrove Cafe. Inside it is cosy and welcoming, and the staff are really nice and helpful. 

We both ordered the sliders, three for £12. I had the lobster, the garlic mushroom and the haddock, which where delicious. Maybe the lobster one was a bit overpowered by the sauce, and I would have liked to taste the lobster a bit more, but that is the only fault I can find. The other two were great and the garlic mushroom one surprised me for the best, it was very good!

The other three were the haddock (again), the lamb and goats cheese and the cheeseburger. It seems that the three of them were great, the cheeseburger one was juicy and soft and I think if it had been a big one, it would have gone pretty fast too! We also ordered some chips, and these were soft and warm and not too greasy, which is always a plus!

The place is supposed to be great for cocktails as well, I haven´t tried them yet but I certainly will be back to the Kelvingrove Cafe as I liked everything about it. 

Have you been to the Kelvingrove Cafe? Did you like it?

Thank you for reading!