Sundays in Glasgow´s West End

In Scotland you have to take advantage of those rare days when the rain doesn´t make an appearance, and that is exactly what we did last Sunday. We spent the day in the West End, shopping and looking at things in Byres Road and enjoying some relaxing time in the Botanic Gardens.

The West End is definitely my favourite area in Glasgow. It is quite cool and trendy, with modern cafes full of university students, vintage boutiques, independent designers and restaurants for all tastes.
Ashton Lane is a small lane near a metro station. You can walk down Byres Road and not see it, but it would be a shame to miss it. Here you can find The Grosvenor, which is a different type of cinema. The room is not too big, and instead of the uncomfortable cinema seats, this one has comfy sofas! The tickets always sell fast, as it is one of the favourite places for the locals to go to.
In Ashton Lane you can also find the Ubiquitous Chip, one of Glasgow´s most famous restaurants. Their menu consists on traditional Scottish food, but of course very refined and full of flavour. The restaurant is beautiful in the inside, and it is a great place to go for dinner. 



The Lane has a good amount of pubs, where you can find all types of beers and cocktails in those a bit fancier. If the weather is nice you can sit outside in one of the pubs and spend a nice time there, as cars are not allowed and live seems a bit less busy. On the Sunday they have a small market, with crafts, homemade products, books… 

Another famous lane, not far from Ashton Lane is Ruthven Lane. Here you can find to of the best known restaurants in the city, The Hanoi Bike Shop (which is still on my list of restaurants I need to try) and the Bothy. The Hanoi Bike Shop serves Vietnamese food, and not too long ago Beyonce shared a photo of her eating there.
The Bothy is a Scottish restaurant serving classic food in modern ways. The waiters tend to be wearing kilts, and the atmosphere is very cosy, with candlelights and a typical Scottish decoration. The food is very good, and the menu has plenty of options to chose from.

And the last lane I want to mention today is Dowanside Lane, where you can find one of the best vintage shops in Glasgow, Starry Starry Night. With its bright green colour on the outside walls, it is quite difficult to miss when walking along.
At the top of Byres Road you find the Botanic Gardens and the Kibble Palace. The Kibble Palace is a beautiful glass building, inside you can see hundreds of different plats, from all around the world. No matter in which city you are, the Botanic Gardens are always an oasis of peace and quiet, where you can sit for a while and let yourself go.
When the weather is nice the Botanic Gardens in Glasgow get full of people enjoying the sunshine, and they become a happy and vibrant place. But all the time they are a great place to just walk around, sit on a bench or be amazed by the amount of flowers, plants and trees

Do you have a favourite place in Glasgow? Have you been to Glasgow´s West End? Have you tried any of these restaurants?
Thank you!