5 Reasons Why You Should Go To Glasgow This Summer

1. The Commonwealth Games

The first reason why you should go to Glasgow this summer is pretty simple, the Commonwealth Games are taking place at the end of July beginning of August and the city will transform itself completely. Athletes from 71 nations will be competing in this event, from athletics to rugby and swimming, will you mist it?

If you don´t have tickets yet and you are reading this, you are in luck as over 100,000 more extra tickets will be on sale as for today! Good luck!

2. The Cultural Programme

Ok, so you don´t like sports and the Commonwealth Games is not a good enough reason to go to Glasgow this summer. Don´t worry, the Cultural Programme may be your reason to go! Glasgow will host hundreds of cultural events for all tastes and ages, and in different places across the city. There will be movies, theatre, visual arts, music, dance… I am sure you will be able to find one that appeals to you!

3. Summer Sessions

For the younger people out there this might be your reason to go to Glasgow, the Summer Sessions. At the moment there are only two acts confirmed, but keep checking as more will be announced soon. Plus, even if there are only two, what a pair! French DJ David Guetta and American band The Killers. This event will take place in Bellahouston Park and promises to be a night you will always remember.

4. World Pipe Band Championships

If you love Bagpipes, this is your reason to go to Glasgow this summer! Friday the 15th and Saturday the 16th of August are the days when you can enjoy seeing hundreds of pipers showing their abilities. At the World Pipe Band Championships there will be bands from tons of different countries in this colourful and noisy event.

If you suffer from headaches maybe stay several miles away from Glasgow Green!

5. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival

I know, this is not taking place in Glasgow. BUT, taking into account the ridiculously high prices the hotels will have in Edinburgh during the month of August, I totally recommend staying in Glasgow and taking the train (yes, there are extended timetables). Apart from the hotel prices, Edinburgh gets so full of tourists it is difficult to walk, go to a cafe or get some peace and quiet. That is why I recommend Glasgow.

From the 1st to the 25th of August, Edinburgh will host thousands of events during its annual Fringe Festival, some even for free! If you walk down the Royal Mile you will end up with hundreds of leaflets advertising all types of shows/restaurants/pubs/cafes… Anything basically. But if you decide to stay in Glasgow and just travel certain days, you will be in a much relaxed atmosphere, and won´t have to queue for everything. All advantages!

What do you think? Are these good enough reasons for you to go to Glasgow in the summer?

Thank you for reading!

Photo credit: peoplemakeglasgow.com, flickr.com