Just Do It Friday: Steve Jobs

Probably some of you have heard of, or even seen this video before. For me it is one of the most amazing motivational speeches I have ever heard, and never get tired of reading or watching it.

Steve Jobs tells his story to recent graduates from Stanford University. It is an intense speech with many key points to it. I mention some of these below.

He repeats several times how he followed his intuition, and how we all should listen to it more often. I think the most difficult thing here is to distinguish when it is intuition and when it is not. Many people say meditation is key, and if you quietly and on your own time listen to yourself, you will be able to hear it.

Another interesting thing he mentions is how he only attended the lectures that interested him, and thanks to that he learnt more things that proved to be useful in the long term. I will go one step further, I will say that no matter your age or your background, learn what interests you.

Sometimes we stop learning as soon as we leave university. We are like machines, work – sleep – work, and we forget how important it is to keep alive, to feel the excitement of knowing something knew, of learning something.

Find what you love and love what you do. I will tell you something about myself. Some months ago I didn´t have a job and I was desperate applying to all the offers I could find. One day after too many “We regret to inform you…” I stopped and thought: What are you applying for? Is that really what you want to work in?

I wrote down what I always loved to do, what I always wanted to become. And suddenly something happened. I saw a job offer for exactly my dream job, exactly what I wrote down I wanted to do. I knew that job had to be mine, and a few months later here I am, working there, having my dream job!

But probably the best known and more intense lines are the following:

Your time is limited, so don´t waste it living someone else´s life.
Don´t be trapped by dogma, which is living with the results of other people´s thinking.
Don´t let the noise of others´ opinions drown out your inner voice.
And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you want to become.
Everything else is secondary.

I leave you with these lines, hopefully they will make you think or offer you some new ideas.

Did you watch this speech before? Are there any other speeches you love? Do you usually listen to your intuition?

Thank you very much for reading!