Copenhagen – Day 2 –

After our morning in Malmö we headed back to Copenhagen and the first stop was Lagkagehuset, a popular bakery where you can find nice big sandwiches, pastries and good coffee.

Then we spent some time around Christiansborg Slot. This palace is not used by the Royal family anymore, but it is still been used for big occasions, such as banquets.

Inside Christiansborg Slot grounds, they have the Royal Stables, where they take care and train the horses. Nowadays they have from 14 to 16 horses there, but in the past the stables were home to up to 250 horses.

Just outside the palace, there is one of my favourite rooftops in the city, and that´s the one of the former Borsen, or stock exchange. This building was built between the 16th and 17th centuries, and today it is the Chamber of Commerce. The spire is shaped as the tails of four dragons.
Our idea was to visit the Free State of Christiania that day, so we started walking towards that part of town. On the way we found a couple of interesting things, first being a group of women using a sauna next to one of the canals. I should say that even if it was sunny, it was really cold (I was wearing globes and a scarf), and these women were jumping in the water straight from the sauna! I know this is how you should do it, but I really don´t know how they manage, I don´t think I would be able!
And the second was a little church with another interesting rooftop. This church was Our Saviour´s Church (Vor Frelsers Kirke), and if you feel like it you can climb the 400 steps to the top, the views are supposed to be amazing!
Very close to that church there is Christiania, a community of around 1000 people that has its own schools, government and laws, and keeps going thanks to the profits they make from their cafes, restaurants and shops. 
Photographs are not allowed on the main areas, just at the entrance. It is a mix of tourist, curious people, youngsters and residents, all enjoying a good time inside this peculiar place. Cars are also not allowed in, but you should keep an eye for bikes carrying big boxes, as they are continuously coming and going.
I´m sure my mum, who is a bit of a hippy, would have loved this place!
Have you guys been to Copenhagen? What was your favourite part? Anything you think I might have missed?
Thank you for reading!