A Morning in Malmö, Sweden

When we went to Copenhagen one idea was clear, we were going to cross the bridge and go to Malmö, at least for a few hours. As probably some of you have guessed, behind this decision is the TV show The Bridge (title in English). This show takes place between the two cities, Copenhagen and Malmö, and the characters keep crossing the bridge that unites Denmark and Sweden.

As we didn´t want to spend too long outside Copenhagen, we decided to just go for a few hours in the morning. The train takes around 30 minutes to reach Malmö, and the train station is really close to the city centre.

Malmö surprised me for good. I thought it was going to be just another industrial city without soul, full of ugly tall buildings and warehouses. But as I said, to my surprise Malmö is a very pleasant city, with many cafes and little shops. I found it very multicultural as well, so basically you can find shops for nearly anything.

Of course I didn´t spend long enough there and only visited the city centre, but it left a nice impression on my memory. I should add that the people there were not as friendly as in Copenhagen, and the atmosphere was a bit different too. Less lively and a bit more reserved than the city at the other end of the bridge.

Here are some of my favourite photos of Malmö:

Have any of you visited Malmö? If so, what was your impression of it? Do you watch The Bridge too? It seems a third season is coming!
Thank you for reading!