Let´s Do It Friday: Run 5K

I have never run before, just in high school and every single time I struggled to run for more than 50 metres. But in January I decided I would like to try and run for 5k. So I downloaded an app called c25k and started following the instructions.

It is very easy, on the first day you run for 1 minute, and walk for 1.5 minutes, and like that for several times. Day by day the amount of running time increases, but only by 30 seconds or one minute. In eight weeks you are supposed to be able to run for 5k.

I was doing pretty well, but at some point I couldn´t manage to run for the amount of time the app indicated, so I kept doing the same time for some days. I think between that, the really bad weather, and a week off on holidays made me stop going for runs.

But now I want to start again, because when I was going running I was feeling great. There is something about getting home and feeling tired after a workout, that makes you feel good with yourself. And when I stopped I lost that feeling. Apart from that I was able to see some definition on my legs, and last week I realised that was gone too.

Although for me the most important part was to set a challenge and complete it. Seeing how week by week I could run longer and longer was a great feeling, a feeling of achievement. That is why I am so annoyed at myself and why I want to be able to run for 5k.

So here is the deal, do you want to start with me, as from Monday, and start training for 5k? It would be a great way to support each other, check in what we are doing and for how long we are running. We can keep each other motivated and by mid June run for 5k, no excuses! What do you say? Do you want to join me?

You can download the app I mentioned earlier, if you like. The good thing about this app is that it is free, you can select the day you are on and they will tell you exactly how long to run and walk for. Also the phone vibrates when you finish the walking or running time, which is great so you don´t have to keep checking the phone!

I hope you join me on this!