The Best Fish Restaurant in Copenhagen: Fiskebaren / Fiskebar

Fiskebar is one of the best restaurants I have ever eaten in. It has it all, a cool and trendy atmosphere; without being over the top, with people enjoying a glass of good wine or some incredible food; a great menu, attentive service, and an interesting decoration.

It is located in the old meat packing district, which is now full of good restaurants and cocktail bars. The place itself has a very industrial decoration, with a lot of metal and the wooden chairs and tables. To make a cosier atmosphere, the lights are kept low.
But let´s talk about the important part: the food. To start with I must say that the head chef had worked in Noma before opening this restaurant, and I guess working for Noma means that you have the talent, the energy and the capability to take food to the next level and make it amazing. And I wasn´t wrong to guess that, as the food was just unbelievable!
The menu consists on the raw bar, medium courses and bigger courses. As there were two things that caught my eye, we decided to order three medium pates, and share. 

Blue Mussels steamed in Apple Cider with Plenty of Herbs

These mussels were absolutely fantastic. Well cleaned, soft and full of flavour. Even so this was not my favourite dish of the three. Not to take any credit from the mussels, but the other two dishes were outstanding!
Scallops, hand dived in Norway, seared ramsons, tomato and nasturtium

The scallops were cooked to perfection, and the foam you can see in the photo was absolutely delicious. It tasted of the sea, it was an explosion of flavour in the mouth, and it was all very refreshing. The green drops were sharp, and cut through the sweetness of the scallops, and the yellow gelatine type melted in your mouth, bringing everything together. This was a really great dish!
King Crab from Norway, bisque of the shells, lemon cream, lettuce and barley

This was my favourite of the three, although quite close with the scallops. The flavour combination was incredible, the foam was delicious and the crab was just perfect. I was really impressed on how, with so little ingredients, the chefs could achieve something as good as this. 
I shall say also that the colours on those plates were beautiful. The presentation was very inviting and you can´t hold back for long before dipping in. 
Special mention to the bread (that you can see on the right hand side corner) and the butter, they were both really, really good. So good that I spend the rest of the days trying to find that same bread in bakeries (or at least a similar one). I didn´t succeed 😦
The wine was very good as well. We decided to go for a bubbly one as didn´t feel like drinking anything stronger and were quite please with the choice. 
For dessert I ordered the Wild Chocolate 78% Bolivia, baked and frozen white chocolate, lavender and pine, unfortunately they had run out of it so I went for the Four Nordic Cheeses instead. I didn´t take a photo but it was a good portion, and the crackers were fantastic.
These are the cheeses on the board:
4 nordic cheeses:
‘Granbarksost’ cow – Jürss Mejeri
‘Thybo’ cow – Thise Mejeri
‘Brie’ sheep – Knuthenlund
‘Sønderjysk Blå’ cow – Høgelundgaard
The only thing that I didn´t like was the fact that the tables are too close together, so you are basically having dinner with other people you don´t know. When we first arrived we were taken to a table for two between other two tables for two. The space was so small the waitress was finding it very difficult to put the wine cooler between the tables. 
But we asked if we could sit somewhere else, and we ended up sitting on the bar, which happened to be great because the waiter was taking good care of us, and he was very nice and attentive. Please be aware you should book in advance, because the Fiske Bar is always super busy. 
Food: 10
Service: 8
Location: 8
Atmosphere: 9
Will come back? First place I will visit when I go back to Copenhagen (cause I will go back!).
I read reviews of people saying it was overprice, well I didn´t think it was at all. My experience was great, the service was good and I think for the time and preparation that food needs, the price was totally fine. I would like to add that the quality of the food was really outstanding. As an example, for the bottle of wine, three courses and the cheeses, the price was around £80, which was less than what we were expecting to pay.

I hope you found this review useful and as always, please feel free to share your opinions with me!

Thank you for reading!