Copenhagen – Day 1 Part 2 –

The next half of the day in Copenhagen was also busy. I guess that is what happens when you want to see as much as possible in only three days! On the last day, after walking for three days non stop, I had to buy Tiger Balm to calm the pain on my knee. I ended up exhausted but it was totally worth it and I would do it again. Just a small tip, maybe take the Sightseeing bus!

The afternoon started with a coffee and a little pastry to eat. I wish I could remember the name of the cafe I went to, or where it was located. It was a corky cafe and shop in one of the streets heading from the Royal Palace to the city centre. Inside you could find not only coffee and cakes but a random mixture of toys, postcards, decorative objects for the house…

Apart from having lunch, I was also making time until the Change of the Guard take place. So after the quick bite, I head off to Amalienborg Slot. These three buildings are the winter residence of the Danish Royal Family, and they are quite impressive. Usually, unless I go for a few days or it is my second or third time in the city, I don´t tend to go inside palaces or museums because I prefer to enjoy the outside, imagining what I would be doing if I were living there. That is why I can´t say if it is worth it going in or not, but as I am planning to go back, I will let you know next time!

And after a while the Change of the Guard started!


In this neighbourhood there are located two very impressive temples, Marmorkirken and Alexander Newsky Kirke. The first one, which has one of the largest domes in Europe, was completed in 1894, and proved very costly. The name means the Marble Church, and this is because in its construction they used the best Danish marble. If you feel like enjoying some of the best views in the city, you can climb the 260 steps all the way to the bell tower. But please bare in mind this is not open everyday at all times, so better to check it out first!

The second, Alexander Newsky Kirke was a present from Tsar Alexander III when he married a Danish princess. It is a Russian Orthodox church and it was completed in 1883. It is really easy to locate as the two towers, with the golden top, can be seen in the distance. I couldn´t see the inside of the church as it was closed 😦

After seeing all this and walking for quite a few hours, a stop at the hotel was more than necessary. Plus I was really excited about the place I went to for dinner! (I will dedicate a whole post to that restaurant as it was one of the best ones I have ever been to). And no, it wasn´t Noma, I think I am still on the waiting list…
Talking about Noma, if you are planning to go, book with several months in advance, at least 4 – 6 as it is always fully booked. A friend of mine is going shortly to Copenhagen, tried to book a table for two a couple of months ago, and she is still waiting to hear from them!
I hope you are enjoying the posts, and I will see you again tomorrow!
Thank you for reading!