A Play, a Pint and a Pie – Glasgow –

The building where Oran Mor is located used to be a church, easy to see from the outside as the building hasn´t changed during the decades. But inside one can find almost anything they could hope for a night out, that is a restaurant, a bar, a room for music gigs, even a room for special occasions and events!

I have been several times, usually for dinner or a couple of drinks, but the last time was the one that I enjoyed the most. I went to the famous a Play, a Pint and a Pie
Yes, that is it.
As the name says, for around £12 you can enjoy at lunchtime a theatre play, a pint (or glass of wine, or soft drink) and a pie (or a slice of quiche for the vegetarians). If you can, book in advance as it is a pretty popular thing to do in Glasgow´s West End.

The day I went it was almost full. A piece of advice, if you go with friends (or are more than two people) try to go 30 – 45 minutes before the play starts. I couldn´t sit with my friends because there were no more than two chairs available in each area. Another advice is to be careful and sit only on certain places on the sofas, from some points you can´t see due to the big columns getting on your way!

The Play was great. It was funny and a bit dramatic at the same time. There was a story to it, the actors were very good and the end was open for all type of opinions. Chatting with some of the people around me they said they were ticket holders and use to go all the time, and for them that was one of the best plays they saw there (exact words were more like: better than some…). 

If you are not an English native speaker but you can understand it pretty well, fear not as I went with some foreigners (myself being a foreigner too) and they could understand nearly all of it, with the exception of some rude Scottish words…

In my opinion this is a clear example of how much Glasgow and the Glaswegians care about art. I think it is amazing that it is so easy to reach, just for over a tenner you get all those things, and during the lunch hour!

Apologies for the lack of photos, it is not allowed to take photos during the play, so I only got a couple of shots of the exterior 😦 I will talk about the restaurant and bar another day and promise to take plenty of photos to compensate!