Abandoned New York

Today when I was coming home on the train I saw a huge teddy bear in the middle of a field. It was dirty, broken, abandoned… And that made me think about one website I really like: abandonednyc.com 

I discovered it a while ago, when checking Conde Nast Traveler (in Spanish). I love everything mysterious, ghostly, old and abandoned, therefore this website was perfect for me! Will Ellis doesn´t only take beautiful photos, he also shows you around those places that once were a home, a hotel, a hospital… And by discovering the objects left behind, he allows the imagination to travel and wonder how people who once went there were, how they looked like, what they were feeling.

I think I am a hopeless romantic, and can´t stop imagining stories about those places. There are some spooky ones, like old hospitals or asylums. But there are also others about old hotels for wealthy people, or old factories.

I admire Will Ellis for his work, for deciding to discover new old places that were shut down many years ago. But he brings history back, and transports us to an old age, where everything was different. A world that nowadays we only see in the movies, or tv shows like Mad Men. I can´t be grateful enough to him for making my imagination travel across the ocean, to New York and to a period of time I didn´t live but would like to discover more.

I hope you enjoy this website nearly as much as I do, because I think it is a little treasure showing the world old treasures.