Urban Angel – Edinburgh –

Yesterday I went for lunch to one of my favourite places in Edinburgh, Urban Angel. There are two of these restaurants, one in Hannover Street and the other in Forth Street, both right in the city centre. I like this place because they serve organic, freshly prepared, tasty food. And the prices are good too!

One of my favourite dishes there are the soups, which come with homemade bread. The bread is incredible, soft and full of flavour. Plus sometimes you get it straight out of the oven, and it is delicious when it is a bit warm.

Yesterday we ordered falafel sandwich on toasted flatbread with chilli jam, tzatziki and rocket; herb, parmesan and polenta crusted squid with lemon alioli and lightly spiced yellow split peas with toasted flatbread and tzatziki. The peas and the squid are two of the small plates, which are a bit like tapas, but bigger (does that make sense?).

What can I say? We really enjoyed our lunch there, and ended very full. The squid with the sauce was amazing, very light, tasty… one of those dishes that I don´t think you can´t get tired of eating. The sandwich is very good as well, a bit spicy but not overpowering. Plus it is a great option for vegetarians! Maybe the dish that didn´t wow me as much was the split peas, that was good but I think not as good as the other ones.

We also ordered a side of hand cut chips, with garlic, thyme salt and alioli. These were very nice, not greasy at all, soft in the inside and plenty for a side dish. After eating all that we didn´t have any space left for the desserts, which was a shame because the cakes are mouth watering! (Next time for sure!). The total bill was around 20 pounds, which taking into account the amount and the quality of the food, it is quite cheap.

I would like to add that their breakfasts are really good too. I have eaten eggs benedict and French toast there before and they are superb! For me this is the perfect place to go when you want to enjoy a nice, quick meal, plus it feels healthy too!

Food: 9
Service: 8
Location: 10
Atmosphere: 9
Will come back? All the time, over and over again if I could!