Espa at the Balmoral Hotel – Edinburgh –

After a lot of stress during the last months, city pollution, weather changes and not been eating properly, I stated noticing that my skin was getting dull and lifeless. I tried different moisturisers, changed makeups, and tried some tricks at home but nothing was working and my skin was getting worse. That is why a couple of weeks ago I decided to phone the spa at the Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh and ask for an appointment. I had been once before for a treatment there, and it was fantastic. On top of that, the location of the hotel, and the hotel in itself, is beautiful, so that was also the perfect excuse for a day in Edinburgh.

The treatment I chose is called Espa Luxury Facial, and lasts for 70 minutes. When you arrive to the spa area they ask you to complete a file, in order to determine your skin type and condition and being able to use the products that will work best for your skin. After you are shown the changing room area, and once you are ready, your therapist takes you to the treatment room.

The rooms smell amazing, the lights are low and the music is nice. Plus on the bed they have an electric blanket, that keeps you warm and cozy during the treatment. My therapist was great. She explained to me all the steps of the treatment, let me chose some of the products, and made sure I was feeling comfortable.

I only have good words for the Espa Luxury Facial treatment. My skin feels great, it feels brighter and less tired. I even think my huge dark circles got reduced! I never felt more relaxed in my life, every cream, serum, exfoliation… felt better than the previous one, and I could feel all the muscles in my face getting more and more relaxed. Everything is apply with great care, making sure the eye area doesn´t get damaged. It finished with an scalp massage that was wonderful, and left my hear feeling so soft and shiny I can´t even believe it!

All the products they use for the treatments are from a brand called Espa, which is a natural cosmetic brand, not tested on animals (which for me is very important). It is also suitable for vegetarians.

If you ever want to pamper yourself, or want to buy a great present for a loved one, I can´t recommend enough this spa. It is great to go to places full of big professionals, that make you feel welcome and taken care off. I am already planning my next visit to the Balmoral, next time maybe including afternoon tea too!

PS Apologies for the photo of the hotel. It is from last winter and it looks a bit gloomy (although that is the atmosphere in Edinburgh that I love the most!).