Blog Challenge

Today I am starting the Ultimate Blog Challenge, which means during one month I will be posting daily on the blog. I was meant to start on Tuesday but due to work commitments I couldn´t get a minute until today.


On this first post of the challenge I would like to tell you why I decided to create this blog and what I would like to achieve with it.

I love to travel, see new countries, cultures and meet people from all backgrounds and nationalities. I have lived in four different countries and the truth is that I would like to move somewhere else soon. I always thought that there is nothing compare to travelling. It opens your mind, makes you grow and see old and new things with another light, another angle.

I am writing this blog to give you ideas, recommend restaurants, hotels, cities… I must confess I am not a backpack traveller, or a hostel type of person. I have done it, didn´t enjoy it one bit, and now that I am older I prefer to go to nice hotels, eat in good restaurants, and carry a suitcase without panicking about the weight.

I hope I can reach some of you. I hope that you enjoy my blog, leave comments, ask questions, anything you like! I will be really happy to hear from you and interact with you, as for me this is one of the main reasons I created this blog on the first place.

Welcome all to Bee´s Travel Journal!

(Me in Viena)