Secret Beach Destinations in Spain

Believe it or not, there are more coasts in Spain than just the extremely famous and over booked Costa Brava, Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca, I would like to show you today a beautiful unknown beach on the North coast of Spain: Playa de las Catedrales (or Cathedral´s Beach).

The name of the beach refers to the formation of the rocks, difficult to believe this is something the sea has created. I am originally from a town really close to this beach, and the truth is that in the last decade the number of tourists have been growing, although it is not comparable to the number of tourists in other parts of the country.

For me the North coast is the most beautiful and the least famous of all, surely because of the weather. But thanks to that weather those northern regions enjoy vast amounts of green mountains and fields, and the fury of the sea creates things as beautiful as the ones below. So maybe if you are planning your next holiday, you may consider the North of Spain (EasyJet flights from London Stansted airport).

As you can see, the weather is not always bad, and in summer the area reaches the 25 – 30 degrees. For me, the best thing is that at night you need a light duvet! Oh, and it never gets so hot that you can´t even walk out.
One important thing to say about this beach is that when the sea is up, the sand disappears and people should be careful not to get stuck in one of the little islands of sand, as it can be dangerous and the only way out would be by boat!
This is a great place to spend a few hours, walking on the white sand, having a bath, sunbathing, or just enjoying the views. There are more beaches around which are better for spending the whole day, but this one is the most special one, and nobody should just drive past it without stopping and discovering what amazing things nature creates.
The closest town to this beach is called Ribadeo, and there you can find a good amount of small hotels and B&Bs. From the luxurious Parador de Ribadeo, to more affordable B&Bs, such as Pension Linares, you can be sure there is something for all pockets and tastes.
Please let me know if you are considering a holiday on the North of Spain, as I would be more than happy to help and give some tips of things to do or places to visit!
I hope you enjoyed today´s post!